Simple Way In How To Cover Up Acne

Seeing the acne in the morning when you wake is such like the terrible dream. That is the huge disaster. There is no ne want to have the acne that is so bothering your activity. It is not easy to apply your make up when the acne stuck on your face. The simple way of the how to cover up acne will help you do to the make up before going to the work place. You, especially women must do the make-up routine.Acne

Follow the steps below to reduce the pimples and red swollen acne :

  1. Preparing your face with washing it with the facial wash or the warm water. It is to strip away the dirt and oil before cover up it. Then use the mild or alcohol free cleanser to make sure that there is the oil say in your face. The alkaline pH that can irritate the skin must be avoided. Choose the appropriate cleanser for you like the salicylic acid. It has the ability to reduce the redness of acne. Beside, benzoyl peroxide can be applied also to kill the bacteria causing the bump acne. This is the first step in how to cover up acne.
  2. Press gently the blemish with the hot washcloth to prevent the future breakouts. Do not pop the zit. It will make it worse.
  3. Then, after you dry your skin, apply the moisturizer with the label of non-comedogenic. Let it breathing for few minutes.
  4. Concealer is ready to be applied in this step. Thick concealer covers the face so that choose the best product to the best result. You can buy the concealer with SPF that can protect your skin face from the sun damage.

Many people ask the same question, how to cover up acne when there are so many people in the world suffer with acne. So, try those tips above before you do the daily make up and be ready to go to the work place with the beautiful face.

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